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More than 400 schools, organizations and workforce programs have already joined our movement!

To put it simply, MHA Labs has created a groundbreaking framework for 21st century learning to equip today’s youth with the foundational tools for success. Targeting social, emotional and cognitive competencies critical to human achievement, this logical approach to youth development is already making a transformational difference.

July 7

Attention Chicago Partners!!!!!

Congrats to an amazing summer start where over 22,000 youth are being empowered in programs and worksites across the city!

This post will help clarify and inspire the 21st Century Skills Development expectations for Summer 2014, as well as, supporting all One Summer Chicago, After School Matters, Chicago Public Libraries, DFSS Youth Division (CDBG+) and more. If you are a program manager, please send to ALL interested parties in your organization. ...more

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May 20

Growing Learners

Since the mid-1980s, test score-based accountability has dominated American public education. This movement took on the force of federal law in 2001 with the No Child Left Behind Act, as every state in the country administered standardized tests to measure student and school performance. ...more

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May 5

MHA Building Blocks

MHA Labs’ 21st century skills system focuses on a common set of easy-to-understand 21st century skill targets called The Building Blocks. To address cultural and contextual differences among our users, MHA Labs researchers isolated the core human success factors deemed most critical for college, career and life success. ...more

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