About Us

MHA Labs stands for the means and measures of human achievement. Our singular focus is to build and translate the 21st century skills of young people towards personal, community and economic success.

To achieve this goal, MHA Labs operates as public/private research and development nonprofit designing products and services for 21st century skills development. With over 1000 schools, after-school programs and workforce developers in our stakeholder base, MHA Labs innovates at the scale and diversity needed to turn promising practices into system solutions.

MHA Labs Naming

In the fall of 2012, fifteen Chicago high school students from Mikva Challenge’s Education Council participated in a design lab to prototype 21st century skill-building products. Over the course of their innovation process, they inadvertently created a brand that could inspire a skill-building movement. They effortlessly filtered through policy and academic skill jargon to simplify the framework to “HOW HUMANS ACHIEVE”. We are grateful for their clarity and inspiration.