Building a Movement

MHA stands for the means and measure of human achievement. Our stakeholders envision a world where young people are vested with the skills and resources they need, to achieve the personal, family, and community aspirations they want.

Reflecting the name, MHA Labs takes a stand to transform the status quo by designing tools and trainings that promote 21st century learning. With invested stakeholders that range from students and parents to youth developers and career advisers, we are putting this vision into action.

MHA full site coming soon: Currently being readied for launch, the MHA Labs website will serve as a dynamic e-learning tool that guides you through the framework of an extraordinary 21st century skills development platform.

It will clearly outline the MHA assessment system and instructional resources that are currently in use in more than 400 institutional settings.
It will powerfully demonstrate how the MHA model is helping thousands of students sharpen the skills of success and broaden their outlook on the future.
It will carefully explain how this game-changing readiness formula can easily be adopted and applied in your system or setting.

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