Making Summer Matter Using Feedback

Providing feedback on an experience is the #1 way to increase learning outcomes and increase future performance a.k.a “making summer matter”. MHA Labs is working with over 60 summer internship and development programs in Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul to ensure that every youth knows how they performed, what their strengths are, and what they need to improve.

MHA Labs has developed a simple method to promote skill-building feedback and minimize the tendency to use judgmental language. Skill-building feedback incorporates 5 core components— context, expectation, evidence, feedback and suggestion. Incorporating this method into your own personal communication style can transform your skill-building practice.


MHA Labs Skill-Building Feedback Method is fortified by the “Seven Keys to Effective Feedback”:

Wiggins, Grant. “Seven Keys to Effective Feedback.” Educational Leadership ASCD, September 2012: Volume 70, Number 1

  1. References back to a goal or expectation and shows progress towards meeting that goal
  2. Provides tangible examples of results and makes the experience transparent
  3. Provides actionable next steps to close the gap in where they are now to where they need to be
  4. Is broken down to user-friendly language that the receiver can readily understand
  5. Is delivered during or soon after when the experience is fresh
  6. Given on a regular basis to allow for practice and adjustment
  7. Remains consistent in what evidence or level of performance determines success

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