MHA Labs’ philosophy is that radical innovations are often practical tools that, when adopted system-wide, produce sustainable outcomes. MHA Labs starter products are designed to help stakeholders unlock the skill building potential of their current settings whether it be home, school or work.

MHA Building Block Framework and Adjectives List

These two core MHA resources provide the foundation for skill-building. Building Block Skill Sets give concise definitions to key skills that drive college, career and life readiness. Skill Adjectives provide a range of powerful descriptors that can be added to feedback and reflection practices.


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MHA Building Block Toolkit

This FREE toolkit includes more than 45 skill building worksheets, checklists and training supports. Mix and match to create your own custom skill-building program.


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MHA Boss Youth and Employer Empowerment Toolkit

This FREE toolkit includes 5 youth empowerment workshops that can be done as a mastery-based scope and sequence or simply a grab-and go activity resource guide. This series is complemented by an aligned employer workshop planner with a variety of supervisor engagement activities. Toolkit includes 9 graphically-designed handouts and worksheets that drive individual reflection and group collaboration. There is a self-print version of every required tool but a order form is included for supplemental empowerment products and bulk print pricing.


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MHA Guide to Awesome Cards and Power Circles

MHA Awesome Circles are an all time fan favorite. The Awesome Card is a mighty yet micro tool for youth empowerment. This Guide shares how to use Awesome Cards and Power Skill terms to unlock the strengths and confidence of youth. Awesome cards can be ordered from MHA or simply use a post-it.

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MHA Check-In Starters

MHA Check-In Starters were developed by our amazing partners Daria Hartley, Xinyu Pan and Joe Pinto to encourage meaningful youth reflection on skills development. There are three coaching guides for School, Afterschool and Work. And one incredible Youth Sentence Starter. We all need to move beyond – “how’s it going” and “fine”

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MHA Feedback Formula

MHA Labs Feedback Formula is a fill-in the blank phenomena that takes the sting out of giving skills feedback. It’s all about turning feedback into an empowering two-way conversation. Use it for amazing performance or growth areas. We have series of youth activities to introduce feedback and an employer feedback handout. This the only MHA tool you need.

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Only for Current Working Impact Survey Partners

MHA Labs is working on a fancier Working Impact Guide Toolkit for early 2020 release but we don’t want to wait to share Survey and Platform resources with our current Survey Partners. If you are new and want to learn more visit our the Working Impact webpage

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